Who’s Your Disney Personality?

Hello friends! I took the Myers Brigg Test back in college and found out my personality type. At the time, ENFJ. Well. Its five years later and I took it again. Turns out I have morphed from Mufasa into Zazu (ISTJ)! Who knew?? The grump is Carl from Up (INFP), and has been for as... Continue Reading →

My Tomorrowland “Failure”

Greetings!! I had an epiphany today. I recently discovered that I had failed to properly introduce the Grump to Tomorrowland. Or so I thought. We were watching Disney YouTube videos last night and he admitted that he had only ridden Space Mountain. I was in shock! I immediately started apologizing. "I'm so sorry!! Okay, we'll get... Continue Reading →

Staying on Site at Disney

The Grump was not initially a fan of staying on site at Disney World. The prices, the "tacky" theming, the transportation. Yeah, he wasn't having any part of it. In fact, on his first trip, we actually stayed at an AirBnB. And I'm not going to lie. We were 15 minutes from Disney Springs and... Continue Reading →

Getting the Grump to Disney

When I first found out that my then-boyfriend had never been to Disney, I knew I had to approach the subject lightly. In my experience, men that haven't been to Disney by their late 20's haven't been for a reason. And its usually a combo of Disney being two things: too childish and expensive. Tyler... Continue Reading →

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